Household Appliances Repair



As soon as Sion Technical Assistance receives a call for repair, maintenance or installation of appliances and gas piping, an appointment is scheduled with the client according to their need and availability.

The specialist in refrigerator, air conditioner, washing machine, stove, microwave, Cooktop, electric oven, water purifier, cellar, freezer, minibar, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and gas pipe is directed to a residential or commercial address in Belo Horizonte or any city of the metropolitan area to identify the possible defects and then do an estimate.


After the estimated cost of the service is approved by the client, the specialist from Sion Technical Assistance will start working. In case the restoration of the functionality of the appliance is possible to be made on the spot, the professional will perform the service. If there is a need to replace any part that needs to be acquired, a new date will be scheduled so that the technician can return and complete the maintenance.

Warranty in Technical Assistance of Appliances

Sion Technical Assistance guarantees the quality of services provided in both their clients households and commercial points. At the end of one of those activities, the technician will give the client a document where there will be a description of the service performed and the date on which the procedure was finalized.

In possession of this information, the client has a 90-day warranty on repairs. Within this period, if any problem concerning the provision of the service is found, the work will be remade quickly, without any extra cost to the owner of the appliance.